About Us



Born and raised in a small farming community we understood the hassle of keeping food fresh.  I remember my dad would plant a garden every year and I would plant my own smaller garden.  My favorite part was walking through the garden and hand picking the best fruits and vegetables.  There is nothing better than fresh fruit and vegetables, if only we could keep them fresher longer.  Just over a couple of months ago, we had the opportunity to buy a business that sold a product that claimed to keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer and also keep odors out of the refrigerator and freezer.  After using it for a couple of days, we noticed a huge difference and we were immediately sold on the product.     


The product is Fresh ‘N Cold and we are proud to say that it was developed here in Amarillo, TX by a longtime Amarillo restaurateur.  In his experience working in the restaurant industry he dealt with refrigerator odor, excess humidity and spoiled food.  Fresh ‘N Cold panels absorb water vapor and ethylene gas, to keep produce and meats fresher longer.  This product is now available to homeowners and is a food preserver for refrigerators and freezers to reduce food spoilage and control odor.