The Fresh 'N Cold panels mount easily in your refrigerator and extend the life of your food AND increase the efficiency of your refrigerator!

These panels mount easily in your refrigerator and freezer and absorb odors and humidity in order to prolong the life of your food and prevent cross-over flavors from affecting its true flavor.

When you install Fresh 'N Cold in your refrigerator or freezer you will see the following results:

  • Lowers the temperature by 3-8 degrees
  • Increases storage life of food up to 50%
  • Eliminates odors
  • Reduces food shrinkage
  • Reduces defrost cycles up to 50%
  • Reduces spread of bacteria in the refrigerated storage area
  • Increases life of compressor  motor associated with refrigeration
  • Decreases the energy use - meaning YOU SAVE MONEY!!!

According to a recent study, the average family of four throws away approximately 1.7 pounds of food per day, wasting nearly $600.00 a year.  The Fresh 'N Cold panel can be recharged by sitting it out in the sun for about four to five hours once a month.  The odor leaves and moisture dries up with the recharging process and works like new again.  With Fresh 'N Cold, most people see on average about $500 per year in food savings.