MIRACLITE contains the mineral "clinoptilolite" and it is the structure and chemical characteristic of this unique mineral that enables MIRACLITE , when placed inside a refrigerator or walk-in cooler, to reduce the humidity, clean the air of odors, and act as a temperature buffer.
How does MIRACLITE ™ reduce humidity inside a refrigerator and save energy?

The unique mineral structure is an open one in which CAPTIONS of sodium and calcium are ringed by 4, 5, or 8 silica or aluminum tetrahedra. The cavities which contain the CATIONS are interconnected to form large channels which accommodate the passage of water vapor  (H2O)  any molecules it may be carrying that are smaller than the diameter of the channels.
When the door of a refrigerator containing MIRACLITE  is opened, the heat and water vapor (H2O) that are introduced into the refrigerator's atmosphere are swiftly absorbed by the unique mineral. This absorbing process prevents the moisture build up in the refrigerator and the formation of ice on the condenser coils. This process allows heat exchange to take place more efficiently, thereby requiring less energy consumption.
Why does  MIRACLITE™ buffer the temperature inside a refrigerator?

Water is a unique substance. Each molecule is polarized and positively charged (H) hydrogen portion of the molecule bonds weakly to the negatively charged (O) oxygen end of another water molecule. Because of the formation of these hydrogen bonds, water  (H2O) has a very high specific heat and is actually able to absorb heat before turning to vapor.
Inside the micro-channels of the  MIRACLITE, water molecules are weakly bonded to both the framework of this unique mineral and other water  (H2O) molecules. When warm air is introduced to the inside of the refrigerator through the process of opening and closing of the door, the water  (H2O) inside of  MIRACLITE™ absorbs that heat by using the heat energy to break apart the (H) hydrogen bonds between water  (H2O) molecules. This heat exchange takes places inside the mass of  MIRACLITE™ unique mineral. Consequently, the air inside the refrigerator does not increase in temperature.
Bacteria, the leading cause of offensive odor and food spoilage, along with other microscopic and dust particles are carried into and around the inside of the refrigerator by and on water vapor  (H2O) molecules. These odor particles contain a positive (+) IONIC charge. The unique blend of minerals in  MIRACLITE™ have a negative (-) IONIC charge.
The gaseous water  (H2O) molecules are naturally attracted to the unique minerals because of their opposite charges, thus resulting in an occurrence called ADSORPTION, an electro-chemical phenomena. This process is different from that of a sponge which is a physical/mechanical action called ABSORPTION.
When the relative humidity inside the refrigerator is reduced below the optimum level for food storage, this unique mineral releases filtered water vapor  (H2O) molecules back into the air. This process is known as electro-chemical DESORPTION. During this DESORPTION process, the positively (+) charged particles of odor and bacteria are not released by the negatively (-) charged mineral, hence prevents food decay and excessive odor transformation.